Kiddies Dancer’s Profile: Ciara Engelbrecht

Turning Point Kiddies Dancer interview:


What is your name?  Ciara Engelbrecht

Age? 9 years old

Dance School? Joy Cargill Studio of Ballet

Style of Dance that you love? Ballet


1)When did you decide you wanted to dance? Since I was two years old.


2) What is your favourite part of dance class? Doing solo dances.


3) What is your best dance memory? My first dance concert. 


4) What is the best thing about your dance teacher? I love her and she’s the best in the whole world! 


5) Will you be dancing still in 20 years? Yes! 


6) Have you performed on stage yet? If so, what was your role? Yes, The Dance Princess.


7) Who is your favourite dancer? What would you tell them if you could meet them if you haven’t met them already? My Mom.


8) Who is your favourite Disney character and why?  Cinderella, because she always helps everyone. 



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